Fitness through a recovery mindset™
Fitness through a recovery mindset™

Private Personal Training

If you are located in San Diego, CA and are looking for a quality personal trainer without having to overpay for underwhelming personal training in a corporate gym your search is over.

Our founder has over a decade worth of experience personally, professionally with fitness and health. He’s done everything from being your stereotypical “gym bro” and falling for all of the fitness industry tricks, to working in a top tier physical therapy clinic, earning a B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science, running local health clubs, and is now working at One Rep At a Time full-time.


We offer top notch PRIVATE personal training utilizing weights in a workout studio located near Qualcomm Stadium.

We teach you the CORRECT way to lift weights, emphasizing the removal of ego which greatly reduces the risk of injury while improving results.

By utilizing the proper mental cues and training methodology, we will get your muscles to generate maximum tension which will catapult your body to levels you never knew existed.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned gym rat, our training methods offer great benefits to anyone or everyone who puts in the work.

Sessions typically last 60-75 minutes without having an arbitrary 30 minute limit that most corporate gyms enforce these days – it takes as long as it takes to get the job done! Of course if you are under time constraints we adapt our sessions to fit your schedule.



Introducing One Rep Lair

Here is our latest testimonial from our long list of satisfied clients….

“I came to Marv [of One Rep At a Time] at a very miserable 176 lbs on a 5’9 frame… I was unable to find the right process to not only lose weight but to feel better physically and mentally … I had been dieting for as long as I can remember. I had some success with some crash diets but they were only temporary changes in my body but nothing ever stuck.

When I asked Marv to teach me how to use my weight room and work up a food plan for me … I never in a million years expected what I received … Coupled with the right work out and a nutritional guideline … I have successfully lost and maintained a 30 lb weight loss for over 6 months now. Not only did he teach me how to workout at the gym in my home he educated me on proper proteins and the importance of meals. I was actually eating too little.

The gratitude and satisfaction that I received as a result of committing to this process is beyond English language … I never thought I would be the size I am (7), at the age I am (52), with the energy level I now have(high)!!!

The best part of this process for me is I don’t mind doing the workout cause I really only spend 45 min lifting weights and working out (I hate the gym so this is huge to keep me motivated)

If you are thinking about giving him a try I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! I have tried every fad diet or quick workout scam ever known to man… trust me I did the footwork for you so you don’t have to.”

-Connie Sue

San Diego, CA