Fitness through a recovery mindset™
Fitness through a recovery mindset™

One Rep At a Time Radio

ONE REP AT A TIME is pleased to partner with THE RECOVERY CHANNEL app to bring to our fit family a once weekly internet radio show airing EVERY THURSDAY AT 9 PM ET/6 PM PT.


This show is an hour long “talk show” with yours truly as the host. Each week we will cover a different topic in fitness and how it relates to Recovery, similarly to what we do here with our blogs. In the future we will bring on guest interviews as well as Q&A episodes. If you have a specific topic you’d like us to address in our show be sure to drop us a line here. It airs on THE RECOVERY CHANNEL app every Thursday at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT

To listen live each week, download THE RECOVERY CHANNEL APP onto your phone, mobile device, or computer. Simply open it at our assigned show time and listen to it stream live!

To find the app visit either Google Play or iTunes Store based on which platform you are using and download the 100% free application. If you do miss our assigned airtime the episodes will be posted on THE RECOVERY CHANNEL SoundCloud page. Be sure to support THE RECOVERY CHANNEL anyway you can – their Facebook page can be found here.



You can listen to the episode on SoundCloud here.

TOPICS COVERED: Who am I? The purpose of this show, my experience, strength, and hope including my upbringing, my life story, relationship with fitness, body dysmorphia issues, and my experience with Recovery and how I use my fitness to enhance my Recovery process and vice versa



You can listen to the episode on SoundCloud here.

TOPICS COVERED: The proper categorization of foods, importance of protein, portion control methods, hydration concerns, what fiber does, why you need to prepare your own food, mindset tricks and tips to employ when it comes to food and preparing food


You can listen to the episode on SoundCloud here.

TOPICS COVERED: Why fitness should be a part of your Recovery, how to have a positive relationship with fitness, what does fitness mean for you


EPISODE 4 – Challenges in recovery related to fitness

You can listen to the episode on SoundCloud here.

TOPICS COVERED: Unique challenges we face with fitness that people in Recovery may face, the Catch 22 of getting fit and healthy in our Recovery, Recovery sayings related to fitness, finding a quality personal trainer if needed


Episode 5 – mindset & motivation

You can listen to the episode on SoundCloud here.

TOPICS COVERED:  fixed vs growth mindset, self-talk, fear of failure, fear of success, low self esteem, goal setting, consistency, mental tricks for working out, music for working out, and motivation tips.



You can listen on SoundCloud here.

TOPICS COVERED: Our first ever Listener Q&A episode where we cover a variety of questions that were sent in to us.

Examples of Questions/Topics?

  • “Reliance on caffeinated supplements to work out.”
  • “Has working out ever messed with your Recovery?”
  • “How much protein can body actually process at a time?”
  • “What to eat after a workout to continue the ‘burn’?”
  • “Trouble spots for women.”
  • “Best techniques/foods to curb cravings for sweets when going low carb?”
  • “Is someone still considered clean if taking testosterone?”



You can listen on SoundCloud here.

TOPICS COVERED: We cover 17 popular fitness myths and set the record straight.

Examples of myths covered:

  • “Specialized diets are the ONLY way to lose weight”
  • “Supplements & workouts will overcome a crummy diet”
  • “6 pack ab workouts done in 15 minutes give you abs”
  • “High reps to tone, low reps to build mass”
  • “Women should not lift weights or get too bulky”
  • “If you start to go to gym you will become a part of the beauty culture”
  • “Burn more fat with fasted cardio”



You can listen on SoundCloud here.

TOPICS COVERED: This week we dive into my own personal battle with body image and how I overcame that mental health issue in my Recovery.



You can listen on SoundCloud here.

TOPICS COVERED: My own experience in Recovery – when I was introduced to Recovery, what happened when I tried to run “my own program”, how I found my GOD, what I’ve received in Recovery, and what I do for my Recovery today.