Fitness through a recovery mindset™
Fitness through a recovery mindset™


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Welcome to One Rep At a Time – the website geared towards blending all things fitness with the unique challenges faced by those in Recovery from some sort of addiction.

While it is not necessary to be in Recovery to gain insight from all of our platforms and unparalleled, no-nonsense information, it is through a Recovery mindset with which we view the process of getting and staying fit and healthy.

Having “put down the spoon or bottle and picked up the fork” so to speak, many people don’t know where to begin or what information to trust in regards to getting fit. Many times this may be the first time ever someone decides to work on building their body up after years of abuse.

But again, the question looms, “where do I begin?”

With a lot of false information or conflicts of interests out there, it’s hard to know who to trust. We here at One Rep At a Time willingly accept the challenge to guide you in your quest for fitness, sifting through all the gimmicks and sales pitches that make up the mainstream fitness arena.



Addiction of any kind affects us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Therefore, our physical health must be addressed to ensure a well-rounded Recovery process. Sadly, our physical health is often lowest on our list of priorities or simply brushed off altogether because, “I’m not living like THAT anymore at least.”

We’re here to tell you that getting and staying fit can and should be a direct personal amends to yourself for all the crap you dragged yourself through over the years. Even if you are NOT in Recovery, the simple fact that you let yourself go over the years absolutely qualifies you needing to make that same personal amends to yourself.

When you feel good physically, you tend to be sharper mentally, which allows you to be more emotionally stable, and ultimately, spiritually fitter.


We believe that getting fit should come out of self-love and empowerment, not self-hatred or punishment. While our outsides should never be used to define our insides, putting in the time, the effort, and the consistency required to change one’s body absolutely builds character and confidence.

Studies have shown that a strong fitness program can absolutely improve one’s chances of maintaining a new Recovery based lifestyle and that often times the lessons learned through working out and eating “smart” can translate into other aspects of our lives.

We believe that while there is no “best” workout program or nutrition program, there are ones which are “optimal” for your given situation. They are almost always nowhere near as complex as what the fitness industry attempts to make you belief.

We believe that anyone can get fit and that we should each have our own individual definition of fitness, just as we are own unique individuals.


Our founder is 31 year old Marv, who resides in San Diego, CA. He started One Rep At a Time with a vision of sharing his passion for fitness with the Recovery community which he joined on June 22, 2013. His decade worth of experience and knowledge is unparalleled in this space as he looks to help others achieve previously unthinkable levels of fitness and health in their new Recovery based lifestyles.

Fitness was, and is, his obsession. He’s been involved with some sort of fitness related endeavor personally, professionally, or academically for over ten years and looks forward to the next ten years doing so with nothing but excitement and anticipation.

He’s done everything from being your stereotypical “gym bro” and falling for all of the fitness industry tricks, to working in a top tier physical therapy clinic, earning a B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science, running local health clubs, and is now working at One Rep At a Time full-time.




Our promise is to bring you the very best information regarding all aspects of fitness; along with being completely transparent and honest about what our past experiences have been – both good and bad.

We promise to be gut-wrenchingly honest about our past struggles with addiction in order to provide hope for those still suffering – we do recognize there are many paths to the same top of the hill, so what works for our Recovery does NOT necessarily have to be what works for yours.

We promise there will be no “Adobe Games” where we Photoshop physique/results – in fact we are the first to admit we are quite technologically illiterate so doing so would be a seemingly insurmountable task for us.

We promise to make every effort to present accurate information that is applicable in the real world.



The majority of this site is 100% free information so that we can arm you with the knowledge necessary to begin your fitness or Recovery based journey. We do offer some for pay services as this is how we make a living, so we can continue to give back to our wonderful Recovery and fitness community:

  • We’ve begun introducing new e-books for just $0.99-$1.99 full of applicable information. We do so that our followers are actively participating in their journey by taking the actionable step of investing some of their hard earned money, albeit a very small amount. This simply helps us keep the lights on folks so we can continue to put out amazing content on all of our platforms.
  • We have our own line of motivational clothing which hopefully will be expanding in the near future.
  • We offer fully customized workout routines for you to follow remotely. These are not cookie-cutter plans and often times contain 30 if not 40 pages of top-notch information regarding each exercise such as mental cues, tips, examples, explanations, etc.
  • We offer fully customized nutrition programs which focus more on teaching you core concepts of nutrition that matter in order of importance, instead of merely giving you an “eat this at this time” plan. Our goal is to never put you on a “diet” but instead put you on a nutrition program to follow long-term. (We will provide “eat this at this time” plans if that’s what you ask for)
  • For those of you located in San Diego, CA we offer private 1-on-1 personal training.

DISCLAIMER: Everything on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. These are not direct medical recommendations or meal plans. ALWAYS get a new exercise routine or nutrition plan cleared by your Doctor prior to starting. USER ASSUMES ALL LIABILITY!