Fitness through a recovery mindset™
Fitness through a recovery mindset™

Fitness & Recovery Interview: Alexandra

Hi family! So yes, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Recovery themed post on here as I’ve been focusing on getting out top level fitness and nutrition information out on our brand new YouTube Channel as well as our Nutrition Hierarchy program finished. What better way to bring a Recovery theme back to the fold than with another fitness and Recovery interview? This week we have my friend Alexandra Talbot. Her and I connected virtually over Instagram and it’s been awesome watching her grow and supporting each other with words of encouragement, support, and praise. She was blessed to have celebrated 7 months clean and sober just last week so let’s celebrate her milestone by sharing her story on here!

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Before we get started let me forewarn folks there is some language in her story and let’s be honest, any story about our addictions is going to have some explicit content.

Alexandra is 38 years old and lives in Gatineau, QC, Canada. As she puts it…

My rebirth date, the day of my awakening when I decided it was time for me to regain control of my life because the one I was living no longer served a purpose, the day I decided I had enough of my own bullshit and needed to take matters into my own hands, the day I committed to myself and to fitness, or my clean and sober date is April 22, 2017.  From that day  onward, I’ve been embracing my journey towards healthy living life large.

Now you know why I was so drawn to her when we started messaging each other. Her honesty and motivation is amazing – much better than where I was in my first ever 100 days of being clean and sober. Prepare for some brave honesty and self-awareness on her part that’s truly inspiring…so let’s go!!!

  • Alexandra….tell us what it was like in your addiction.

“Drugs and alcohol entered my life at a very young age. I was only 10 when I first started smoking weed and hash, cigarettes, and drinking. At the age of 12, I progressively started dabbling in the heavier garbage — let’s face it, that’s exactly what it is, pure fucking garbage — once I hit up my first rave. Back then, the weed smoking was a daily thing, with the harder shit reserved for weekends, when that magical bus would bring me to places unknown and I’d elevate my mind to groove to the music. The rave scene that I knew — we’re talking about its infancy in 1991, in Toronto — came and went, but the drug and party scene stuck… well, looking back on it now, I chose to stick to it.

I can’t tell you when my recreational usage became habitual abuse of cocaine and whiskey, or when the cash flow was low, anything I could get my hands on. For so long, I thought I was functional. Hell, I even got my BA in Mass Communications at the age of 20.  However, about this time last year, the utter chaos in every aspect (from relationships to finances) of life and dysfunctionality that was my life started unravelling slowly, leading to my awakening as I lay there trying to sleep on the morning of April 22. My decisions were so bad as a result of prioritizing cocaine and partying over everything, I was slowly killing myself in silence emotionally, physically and mentally, and not to mention financially. I was completely ruining myself and putting myself in compromising situations, fuck, to the final two points: 1) yet another bad, co-dependent relationship, and 2) almost losing my condo due to non-payment of my mortgage. WTF was I doing with myself and my life, allowing myself to be in another such tumultuous relationship, and moreover, my daughter and myself to possibly be living on the streets?!?

I finally admitted to myself that I had a serious problem — the party wasn’t a party anymore and it was over. After 28 years, it was time I commit to me and my betterment, for me and for my daughter. Her 10th birthday was also looming, so the thought of what I was doing at her age was a highly sobering one.”


“I’m so much more appreciative of everything that surrounds me and everything I have. It’s really cool too to be experiencing firsts again with full clarity and from this lens. I’m not taking life for granted anymore, and I’m definitely placing value on myself and my quest to a better me.

I’m just  so very grateful for this new life, full of new beginnings within a new beginning, and endless possibilities. From a stronger-than-ever bond with my amazing daughter and actually being ‘present’ for her on the daily, to more meaningful and deepened relationships with my family and true friends, the inspiring people I’m meeting along the way, and a newfound passion for health coaching which I’m currently pursuing. My Higher Power has been hard at work for me, gifting me with a new calling, renewed purpose, refueled drive, refocused goals, but most importantly, a reconnected self who’s reinventing herself.

Self-care is self-respect and that’s now everything to me. I will no longer lower my standards for anyone or anything, nor will I compromise my integrity, dignity and worth again.

“Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both under your belt, that’s real power.” — Clint Eastwood.”


“To me, recovery is a lifestyle change. I’ve adopted a clean living lifestyle, which includes holistic recovery through fitness and nutrition.

In John C. Maxwell’s words, which I now live by, “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

This brings me to my daily routine which I completely switched up a couple of weeks into my recovery on May 1. I’ve implemented a daily (morning, whenever possible) exercise routine (30 min. – 50 min.) — started with yoga, then moved onto a light cardio, PiYo and now a weight training program — followed by 15 min. of meditation where I reflect on the positive affirmation of the day pulled from my positivity box and visualize the day ahead, ask the angels for their divine guidance, and recite the Serenity Prayer and Just for Today. I set my intention and tone for the 24 hrs that follow.

In terms of nutrition, I can’t stress its importance enough. I’m a clean eating junkie and completely overhauled what and how I consume food. Ridding myself of all toxicity not only meant substances, people and situations, but also food. I’m a mindful eater now, nourishing mind, body and soul through natural (unrefined, unprocessed), organic and whole foods by eating for health above all. In other words, food is life, food is energy and food is medicine.  Plus an added bonus, cooking is therapeutic!

I really take the time to get myself in check physically, mentally and spiritually on the daily. I’m more in tune with myself than I’ve ever been and I’m finally comfortable in my own skin.

Yes, there’s also the fact that I’ve lost 83 lbs in 6.5 months, dropping from 225 to 142 lbs, in this process. I want to be very clear, though, it takes a lot of hard work on the daily, but every blood drop, teardrop and sweat drop is well worth it. I’m living proof that with the desire to change, the determination to start and the dedication to continue, anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

I always reiterate that it’s not at all about the weight I lost, but the life I’ve gained…nor is it a diet, but a lifestyle change.  And I continue to walk the walk, talk the talk, and be my own role model on the daily — owning my shit, managing my shit, and being my own shit. After all, as they say, “Being the change, changes the being.”


“Recovery through fitness has proven to be a viable approach for me. Committing to myself and to be fit, and just believing in myself is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Call it tough love, but I’m just going to get real here. You can’t have both results and excuses, it’s either or. It’s your choice, just like your life is your style. If you want the fuckin’ change badly enough, you got to go after it hard. No half assin’ it, all in! When it comes to your health and wellness, give yourself a daily dose of desire, determination and dedication, make yourself a priority and get yourself in check.

Your mind, body and soul — your wellness — are synergistic, so fitness and nutrition play a crucial part in your overall physical, mental and emotional health.”




See…I told you this woman is on fire for her Recovery and her new fit and healthy lifestyle! Pretty powerful words from a strong woman whose merely become stronger every day she’s clean, sober, and fit. If you’d like to watch her journey on social media her Instagram handle is @alexytalbot_healthyxxl . When asked if she had any closing remarks or words she said this:

I know it sounds cliché, but if I can do it, YOU can do it, WE can do it.

DM me (on Instagram) or send me an e-mail at, and let’s crush our goals towards healthy living life large.

I changed my thinking and it changed my life I’ll always be an addict, but now I’m a recovering addict addicted to bettering myself and helping others do the same, one day, one rep at a time.”


Alex I want to THANK YOU for being so brave and sharing your story with all of us – I know you’ve made a difference in people’s lives with being so open and honest. Here’s to the next 7 months of your journey and having the honor to watch you grow in your Recovery journey while becoming fitter and healthier each day!



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