Fitness through a recovery mindset™
Fitness through a recovery mindset™

Customized Routine Creation

  • Do you walk into a gym and get “lost” amongst the crowd moving from one machine to another without a set plan of action?
  • Do you try workout routine after workout routine and never quite get the results your after?
  • Are you tired of following the same routine day in and day out?
  • Or are you putting in way too much time with the weights yielding way too little results?

I offer truly customized weight training routine creation based on your history, current capabilities, scheduling constraints, and equipment access.

I go over each exercise in detail with the correct mental cues and how to change their emphasis, truly teaching you how to lift properly and safely.

I teach you the importance of scheduling in de-loads, as well as how you can seamlessly tie weight training into whatever gym classes or conditioning routine you currently follow to enhance your results.


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