Fitness through a recovery mindset™
Fitness through a recovery mindset™

Customized Routine Creation

  • Do you walk into a gym and get “lost” amongst the crowd moving from one machine to another without a set plan of action?
  • Do you try workout routine after workout routine and never quite get the results your after?
  • Are you tired of following the same routine day in and day out?
  • Or are you putting in way too much time with the weights yielding way too little results?
  • Do you find yourself having more aches and pains from your workout routine than before you started to exercise?


We offer truly customized weight training routine creation based on your history, current capabilities, scheduling constraints, and equipment access.

We go over each exercise in detail with the correct mental cues and how to change their emphasis, truly teaching you how to lift properly and safely.

We teach you the importance of scheduling in de-loads, as well as how you can seamlessly tie weight training into whatever gym classes or conditioning routine you currently follow to enhance your results.

More importantly, we follow a Big Picture Mindset which means we want you doing the least amount possible while still seeing result so we always have a “trick up your sleeve” later on for when the physical changes stop happening.


  • This includes all of the initial back and forth contact setting up your program and making sure you are getting the hang of things. This period lasts for 4 weeks AFTER you’ve been given your plan of attack.
  • From there it’s just $40 per month as needed until you are ready to go on your own, which is the goal of why you should be hiring us! (Restrictions apply)


Here’s our latest testimonial from a long list of satisfied clients….

“I was looking to revamp my weightlifting regiment and ran across Marv [from One Rep At a Time] through a friend of mine who had been using a new regiment  for more than a month. Marv had written her up a personal regiment and I loved the way she was looking, so I took the plunge!  To get started, he asked me questions about my personal habits, family history, and what my own personal goals were. He also took into consideration that I like to run outdoors and attend a couple classes at the gym I use.  In a couple days, I had an AMAZING regiment designed just for me, one that can carry me through a couple months.  Not only did he create an incredible plan, but he continues to check in with me and answer questions that I might have pertaining to different techniques.  I feel like he is located right here in Texas, even though he is in Cali. After just a few weeks, I can tell a huge difference in my core, strength, and appearance.  My friend said, “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it!  You look amazing!”  Yes, that is all I needed!  Thanks Marv for the incredible regiment you built for me!  I totally stand by his amazing program!”

-Elaine H.



Here is a single page example of the level of information we present to you….

DUMBBELL GOBLET SQUATS Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM): (1 Dumbbell)

  • Welcome to EMOM – where you perform a set number of sets at the start of each minute for a set duration of time. Meaning…if it takes you 25 seconds to perform your required number of repetitions you get the remaining 35 seconds of the minute to rest. Find the clock in the gym or start a timer on your phone – at the start of each minute perform 5-10 reps.
  • Warm Up: I recommend doing several sets of 5-10 bodyweight squats, and 1-2 sets of increasing dumbbell weight of 5 reps.
    • Working Sets: FIRST GOAL: 5 minutes of 8 squats EMOM
    • Working Sets: SECOND GOAL: 8 minutes of 8 squats EMOM
    • Working Sets: THIRD GOAL: 10 minutes of 8 squats EMOM
    • Working Sets: FOURTH GOAL: 8 minutes of 10 squats EMOM
    • Working Sets: FIFTH GOAL: 10 minutes of 10 squats EMOM
    • NOTE: J This is a pretty intense exercise just forewarning and it is used as a “metabolic conditioner” getting your heart rate sky-high using weights.
    • NOTE: For mental cues, we want you to “drive up” through your heels while “spreading the floor” with your feet. When you put your weight on your heels, your hips move back and down which is necessary to keep our knees healthy and happy (if your weight is on the balls of your feet your knees go WAY out farther past your toes which we don’t want). When you stand back up out of “the hole” (aka squatted position) is when you drive up through your heels – I find that physically lifting your big toe just ever so slightly helps me keep the weight on my heels. Similar to chest press, your feet won’t move but the outward force from “spreading the floor” will activate your hamstrings and specifically glutes more effectively as you press your way back up to a standing position.
    • NOTE: Start with a light dumbbell…say 15 lbs. just to get familiar with this. Again, this is pretty demanding but holy cow do you feel great when you are done. I would recommend make a notation of each round you complete in your notebook so you don’t lose track.
    • In Depth explanation on how to Goblet Squat in this article:
    • BREATHING: Breath in as you squat down, breath out as you are standing up.