Fitness through a recovery mindset™
Fitness through a recovery mindset™

I would definitely recommend Marv to someone that is looking to reach new fitness goals for themselves that they imagined they never would obtain and if you want someone that is motivated, knowledgeable, and someone who truly wants to see you prosper with your workout goals, Marv with One Rep At a Time fitness is your guy!


I was looking to revamp my weightlifting regiment and ran across O.R. Marv through a friend of mine. Marv had written her up a personal regiment and I loved the way she was looking, so I took the plunge! In a couple days, I had an AMAZING regiment designed just for me, one that can carry me through a couple months. After just a few weeks, I can tell a huge difference in my core, strength, and appearance. My friend said, “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it! You look amazing!” Yes, that is all I needed! Thanks O.R. Marv for the incredible regiment you built for me! I totally stand by his amazing program!


I’m a former NCAA D1 athlete (swimming & rowing) with pretty extensive experience in the weight room — which is why I was particularly drawn to One Rep at a Time. Marv took his time developing a custom fitness routine for me, taking into consideration my athletic history as well as my decade-long struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. His program is awesome! I look forward to working out every day. Plus, Marv is an amazing virtual coach and cheerleader from afar.


One Rep At A Time Marv has given me the tools to start back up a serious work out routine.
The plan was created for me and with my goals and fitness level in mind.

There has been continued support for questions and concerns.
He has provided me with answers to questions that, if he didn’t know, he researched and was able to help.
I would definitely recommend One Rep At A Time Marv to anyone looking for that one on one training.

Connie Sue

When I asked Marv to teach me how to use my weight room and work up a food plan for me … I never in a million years expected what I received … Coupled with the right work out and a nutritional guideline … I have successfully lost and maintained a 30 lb weight loss for over 6 months now. Not only did he teach me how to workout at the gym in my home he educated me on proper proteins and the importance of meals. The gratitude and satisfaction that I received as a result of committing to this process is beyond English language … I never thought I would be the size I am (7), at the age I am (52), with the energy level I now have(high)!!!


Marv has knowledge that I’ve never hear from any previous trainers or programs I’ve ever done, and there’s been a lot! Marv’s specialty with guiding me into a comfortable routine that my hental health could handle and improve with. Marv is a lifesaver in many ways…I simply won’t sugar coat it…”You may think you know what you’re doing, but then there’s Marv.”


I have spent the majority of my life destroying my body, first with drugs and alcohol, and later in life with food…I started training with Marv (aka One Rep Marv) as I’ve never been motivated to train on my own, at least not for extended periods of time, so I was apprehensive to start training. Marv is fantastic! I had no idea how to train when I started with Marv. Marv encouraged me and never judged me. He instructed me on how to properly work out and how to train my body. Within a month I started to notice a difference in my physique. There was definition in my arms, chest and legs that I had never seen before!


I started working out with Marv not having any idea of the amazing changes that were to come. I have never had this much definition in my arms and butt! He inspires me to keep going. I have told many of my friends whom some are now training with. If […]


I was able to see changes in the shape of my hips and bottom after only 4 weeks of training! Six weeks into training, I began to have people ask me what training regimen I was using and to keep at it! 🙂 It’s changing how I view myself and how I interact with people. It’s been lovely developing this new part of my life!


Now I’m building muscle and burning fat while still having energy. There are no heavy and irresponsible weights, meaning no injuries. [I started at 298 pounds and] I got all the way down to 259 pounds and gained muscle while going from a 3XL to XL. Marv thank you (and for giving me the confidence and courage to get my life back in shape.


Marv’s approach to physical, mental, and spiritual recovery is exceptional… He is a gifted personal trainer using exercise and nutrition to improve his clients’ bodies. His expertise and education have helped me increase muscle mass at 50 years old and keep getting stronger. My wife says “I look better now than ever.”


Marv has helped me immensely by providing me with both nutritional and fitness information to help me achieve my goals. He’s put together exercise routines that were custom tailored specifically to me to achieve my goals. It didn’t matter what equipment I’ve had access to or how much time I’ve had per week to dedicate to fitness, he’s helped me develop routines that are short, efficient and intense as well as ones that are longer and require more equipment to gain maximum results. Marv is a chameleon of fitness, adapting to the situation and achieving maximum results regardless of any constraint(lack of time, equipment, etc.

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